V Group Virtual Registration

Hey! If you’ve landed at this page, It’s probably because you’re thinking of joining our group… Awesome!

Before we get into the join form, however, we just need to outline some terms and conditions but don’t worry, We aren’t going to make you sit and read an eye-wateringly long document. (but we’ll link it, just in case you do want to read every little paragraph)

Our group, V Group Virtual, does have some basic policies and conditions we ask of all our pilots and staff, to make sure we can keep our group safe and fun. The four listed points below are what makes up our core values, to be fair, friendly, consultative and trustworthy.

Here’s the shortlist!

1: Act professional (Perform your duties as best as you can)
2: Be considerate of others (Don’t abuse, swear at or bully staff or members)
3: Respect V Group Virtual’s material (Don’t steal or use material without permission)
4: No illegal activity (Do not use V Group Virtual’s services for piracy or any other illegal activity)

Any members, Pilots or Staff, found breaching any of these points will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and may be removed from the group.

By joining our group, You agree to all these points listed, which are a shortlist of our Pilot Handbook and can be found below.

Our Pilot Handbook can be found here:

I Agree I Disagree