V Group Virtual Careers

Current Available Positions:

Name Description
Flight Operations Officer The Flight Operations Officer (FOO) will be responsible for assisting the Director of Flight Operations in the upkeep of schedules, fleet and airports. The successful candidate must own a copy of Microsoft excel or another suitable spreadsheet program. The roles of the Flight Operations Officer include: the moderation of schedules, moderation of fleets, moderation of airports, moderation of PIREPS, moderate pilot behavior and other duties as directed. The incumbent will have strong communication skills in both oral and written form, have an ability to meet deadlines, own a copy of a spreadsheet program, have a proven skill in handling confidential and sensitive information and have an ability to counsel and discipline members.
DeveloperV Group is hiring a Website and Programming Developer. To apply for this position, You will be required to have an extensive knowledge in PHP, phpVMS (and Scripts), HTML, CSS, Javascript, Laravel and an all-round understanding of Web Development. We may also require Application development for Windows however Application programming is not required however it is an advantage, as is a familiarity with phpVMS7. This position will report directly to the Executive team. Successful applicants will also be invited to apply for the Director of Technology position at a later stage and may recruit their own assistants. The position of Developer is open to all new and existing V Group pilots.
Marketing Strategist OfficerV Group is searching for a marketing strategist to analyse potential avenues for marketing to broaden the reach of our group. Successful candidates will require experience in use of social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Previous experience is recommended but not required. The position will be open to all new and existing V Group Virtual pilots and will require self-sufficiency. This position will work alongside the Media team and report to the Executive team.
Digital Brand and Graphic Communication OfficerV Group Virtual is currently hiring a Digital Brand and Graphic Communications officer to further develop V Group Virtual's digital image. This will include creating new designs for for an upcoming project involving building a corporate branding. This position requires extensive knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign (or alternatives) Successful applicants will have prior experience in Digital and Graphic communication in work, study or previous Virtual Airline positions. This position will operate under the Media team and report to the Executive team and is open to New and Existing V Group pilots.