About Us

V Group Virtual was conceived in late 2015 after a group of Flight Simulation enthusiasts came together and identified a void in the Virtual Aviation community based upon Virgin Australia and Tiger Air Australia’s operations and after many discussions, it was decided that we could provide the community with this requirement.

Further discussions were had with regards to a name and many ideas were floated, including goCat Virtual however V Group Virtual was the name that had the most positive response, as we wanted to emphasise that we were about more than just one Airline (and goCat had been absorbed into V Group) and needed to embrace the social and community aspects.

By early 2016, we were maintaining a steady progress in the creation of our policies, schedules, web development and digital media and by March 2016, the website opened and V Group Virtual commenced operations.

Since our launch, we’ve had a continued dedication to bring our pilots the best services we can offer whilst looking to new and exciting technologies to maintain progress. Our network of schedules and destinations are continually maintained and expanded, alongside the real world fleet, in line with our commitment to provide pilots with up to date information and content.

As of May 2016, Our network of Virgin Australia, Tiger Air Australia and associated codeshare partners has us operating a total of 21 airlines as well as 4 Airlines unique to V Group, although these numbers continue to grow and change with V Group Virtual and real world requirements.

Our most notable operations are with Virgin Australia, Tiger Air Australia, Singapore Airlines (and Silk Air), Etihad Airways, Air New Zealand, Delta Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Virgin America and Virgin Atlantic.

Why Join Us?

V Group Virtual was established with the highest regard for the community, we want to provide you with a fun and interactive community.

We have implemented many new concepts and policies, some of which are the envy of other organisations, these include our Core Values, Aircraft Substitution Policy, Charter System, Itinerary and Connecting flight search system plus much more.

Our core values policy is based upon many real world organisations approach to teamwork and group interaction. These core values include being Fair, Friendly, Consultative and Trustworthy. What this means for you as a pilot is that we believe respect is important and crucial for the success of you and V Group Virtual and all of our staff members adhere to these core values to ensure that pilots get the best possible experience when in need support or assistance.

V Group Virtual is proud of our policy to allow pilots to make their flights as real as they want. What this means for you, should you join V Group Virtual with limited experience, you won’t be penalised not understanding how a SID (Standard Instrument Departure) or STAR (Standard Terminal Arrival) works or not understanding the finer points of fuel planning. If you know how to fly from your origin to destination. Our attitude is that if you wish to learn, our members and staff will gladly help.

Lastly, Thank you for visiting our site and I look forward to welcoming you onboard soon.

Brendan Richards,
Chief Executive Officer

V Group Virtual
V Group Virtual
V Group Virtual

V Group Associates/Our Partners

V Group is proud to partner with some of the leading companies and organisations in the Flight Simulation community, these companies and organisations provide services and utilities which go further in enhancing the Simmers’ user experience.
V Group currently partners with the following:

Jetstream Radio
TFDI Design